Sumkar district to fund police operation

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MADANG’s Sumkar district has reacted positively to an appeal from the police for funds to beef up their presence along the north coast of the province, including the purchase of high-powered weapons.
Sumkar MP Ken Fairweather said yesterday they would assist following a request from provincial police commander Supt Anthony Wagambie Jr because there was no doubt that criminal activities of criminal gangs in Madang was on the increase, affecting all levels of society.
He said his joint district planning and budget priority committee had met and agreed on the following:
* Order a new 10-seater police vehicle to come into service next week to patrol the Madang-Bunabun (Bogia) stretch of the highway;
* Allocated K50,000 to fully maintain police house and station at Bunabun government area;
* Buy four motor bikes and associated equipment necessary for police;
* Allocate K50,000 for the upgrade of Talidig facility; and
* Looking at buying high-powered weapons and riot squad equipment for police.
Wagambie had written to the local MP on Nov 23, pointing out that criminal element from Madang town had moved out and were operating along the north coast road, which runs from Sumkar electorate, as well as the Highlands Highway.
He said he intended to have a hand-picked team of five armed police immediately deployed with one vehicle along that road to support Talidig police which had only two regular police and, in turn, Karkar Island.