Sumkar MP challenged


THIS is directed to the MP representing Sumkar in Madang.
While every other MP is performing around the clock to deliver basic services to their respective electorates, there is no clear sign of any new development-oriented project eventuating within Sumkar.
I for one am not pleased with MP Chris Yer for not standing up for his people.
The MP made promises to our people during the election period that he would deliver basic services if he won.
Some of his priority promises included installment of water supply to the Kaul people of Karkar Island, but nothing has been done yet. Even worse, copra and cocoa prices have dropped by a big amount, giving a very hard time to the people of Kaul and Karkar Island to earn enough income to cater for their basic needs.
The MP hasn’t intervened yet.
There are so many things like bridges, roads, schools, airstrip, and health services that need improvement but the MP hasn’t responded yet.
You were chosen and mandated by the very people to whom you are now ignoring and neglecting.
If you are currently devising something, then make it known to the people.
They are eager to hear anything you might say regarding their betterment and well-being.

Kaulian Kari

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