Sumkar MP speaking on people’s concern

Letters, Normal

The National,Tuesday August 18th, 2015

 I APPLAUD Sumkar MP Ken Fairweather for voicing a concern of the Madang people in last Friday’s edition of this paper. 

The whole bunch of current Madang MPs in the National Parliament, have totally failed their people respectively by being absent from the Province and their electorates.

The pothole riddled roads in Madang town, the acceleration of petty crimes going on daily in town, negligence of the Manam peoples plight, lack of basic road infrastructures, health services in the rural districts, among many issues are to be blamed entirely on the absence of our local MPs.

Though Governor Jim Kas can be seen around town with the Usino Bundi MP Anton Yagama and Fairweather himself, there is no cooperation between them. Nixon Duban, James Gau, John Hickey and Tommy Tomscoll all have gone into hibernation either in Port Moresby, overseas or on Jupiter.

Fairweather has only voiced a conclusion, arrived at during many discussions held in our villages, meeting chambers, hausman and Madang’s social media pages and websites. 

The province was left to deteriorate under the term of these leaders and their party leaders, their colleagues in parliament and the nation should know about their failures.

Thank you Fairweather, I hope your colleagues are jolted by your comments so all of you can cooperate to deal with the Manam and high crime rate issues, currently plaguing Madang.


Robert Mukoi

Middle Ramu, Madang