Sunday and Sabbath


THERE exists today a great controversy between Sabbath-keepers and Sunday-keepers about the right day of worship which has been a focal point of intense disagreement between these two diversions of Christianity.
On the one hand, Sunday-following Christians have strongly supported the doctrine of Sunday-keeping while Sabbath-following Christians have iterated the importance of the Sabbath doctrine.
Most Sunday-keepers believe that Sunday-keeping is okay in the eyes of God and Sunday was appointed as a day of worship by Jesus Christ.
To provide a solution to those churches who cannot break away from tradition, why not keep your doctrines and dogmas and why not just change your day of worship. Some hundred of years after protestantism, even the Lutherans, Wesleyans and other main Protestant and reformation churches which had worshipped on the Sabbath were forced into worshiping on the Sunday because of persecution by Roman catholocism.
Why not follow your fathers and break away from bondage.

Brian Lora

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