Super 9s comp aims to maintain law, order


GREEN Nature edged Red Ants 1-0 in the Gormore Sports Association senior men’s super nines touch grand final at Gomore village oval in Rigo, Central, on Saturday.
The inaugural competition, aim to keep youths away from drinking alcohol and drugs and other antisocial behaviours that instigated law and order issues in the community.
The competition is the brainchild of Gomore ward member Rava Gei and is supported by the Mosin family company Vitis Industries Limited with K10,000.
Nature grabbed the lead through a try to Benjamin Muduka in the first half and they managed to hang to the lead all the way to the final whistle.
The competition run since September was a success by allowing talented village youth to develop and show their skills in sport culminating in the final on Saturday.
Grand final day was notable for its turn out of fans and family but also for the peaceful atmosphere throughout the village.
Both sides also played in the true spirit of sports and competed hard but fairly.
An attacking and positive attitude was taken into the final by both sides but handling errors and fatigue saw a scoreless second half.
Nature were the better side when it counted with their defence holding firm against a desperate Red Ants for most of the second stanza.
Joseph Gamara, Asi Tau, Jimmy Egaba, Gunia Gabi, Cici Mepa, captain Walo Kairi, Arua Gado, Levi Godua and Muduka worked hard on defence to protect their lead while for the Ants captain Greg Lohia, Garua Mana, Cooper Gordon, Linco Keve, Yabuso Aila and Ben Moide Jr never stopped trying.