Super fund making strategic plan the year’s focus

  • THE National Superannuation Fund’s focus this year is to roll out its five-year strategic plan based on solution, engagement and innovation, says chief executive Ian Tarutia.
    He was speaking during Nasfund’s first regional employer conference this year in Port Moresby yesterday
    Tarutia said the last strategic plan ended last year and the new one would be based on the three pillars of:
  • Solution, what they can do to make things easier for the members;
  • engagement; and
  • Innovation, some innovations based on technological advancements to make business processes easier and accessible for members.
    He said board, management and staff would:
  • Keep to basics, that is, stick to the business plan and basically proceed in other areas;
  • continue looking at its internal processes;
    lmaintain its focus on all services for its members; and
  • Deliver positive results by the end of this year.
    Tarutia said an important activity that the board undertook was the review of the strategic asset allocation strategy for investment guidelines.

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