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THE agricultural and livestock business operating along Sogeri Road, in Central, need to be looked into. Almost every single day, the river is used as a dump for waste matter like piggery poo and chemicals discharged from the farm.
It has come to the point where it has to be brought to the attention of the authorities. The people who depend on the river for their daily living are the ones who are being affected and it is time the authorities do something. The Central Provincial Health compound is just metres away from the river and it is irresponsible on their part to not take action. Their ignorance is deafening.
As a civil servant living along the river and seeing the river being polluted on a daily basis, I have to speak up and raise this concern on behalf of the community and for the safety of our mothers and children. I call upon the health department to seriously consider this plea and take these businesses to task for carelessly polluting Laloki River which flows through 17, 15, 14-Mile and Kinakon outside Port Moresby. By the time a major disease outbreak occurs, it will be late.The authorities should inspect the river now.

Civil servant
Sogeri Road

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