Superfund’s investments ‘doing well’


NAMBAWAN Super Ltd’s (NSL) investment in government treasury bills and inscribed stocks has provided a stable source of income, says chief investment officer David Kitchnoge.
Kitchnoge said the fund had half of its investment portfolio in that area and the other half in companies, properties and offshore, onshore investments.
He said NSL’s investment portfolio is quite strong at around K8.5 billion.
“We have about half of the portfolio invested in government treasury bills and inscribed stocks, that’s doing very well and has given us a stable source of income and a good source of liquidity,” he said.
Kitchnoge said that last year, offshore investments were hit severely by the Coronavirus (Covid-19).
Now, they have come back.
Kitchnoge said property investments had done well this year.
“Our team has done well in keeping occupancy levels at properties that we own at an optimum level,” he said.
“So we are looking at property making a small contribution to the overall performance.
“Our largest equity holding in BSP has done well with a big dividend payment this year and the price has been going up.”
Kitchnoge said performance of some of the companies they had shares in were good.
“The fund is financially sound, there’s enough cash to do projects and continue to pay out exits as members leave.”

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