Supermarket denies claims


THE management of Tema Mart Supermarket in Kundiawa, Chimbu, have always maintained safety health standards.
A photograph of waste in a drain was published in The National’s Eyewitness section on July 8
and we want to set the record straight.
There is no leakage of sewerage from the supermarket into the drains.
Prior to development in any urban centre, we consult relevant agencies such as town planners, Water PNG, PNG Power Ltd,
national and provincial
works and lands and physical planning departments and division and provincial governments before any construction takes place.
Tema Mart (CBL) met all requirements before, during and after construction and at the end of the construction, the Department of Works issued a Certificate of Completion (COC) in acknowledgement of compliance of
We would not be irresponsible to allow sewerage flow out of the supermarket onto the street as we know that it is health hazard.

Sandy Rex,
Kundiawa town,

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