Support city rangers’ work, politicians told

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 29th May 2013


POLITICIANS and community leaders in Western Highlands have been urged to support the work of the Kei Doa city rangers in keeping Mt Hagen city clean and safe.

City Rangers deputy chairman and Moge-Nambuka-Milimp-Palimp Two councillor John Kama made the comment after a member of the city rangers was attacked last week.

Kama said people confronted by the rangers on the streets for selling betel nut or engaging in petty crimes had said they had the support of politicians and leaders.

The vendors said they were paid to do their regular sales.

Kama blamed youths from the neighbouring tribes of Moge, Jika, Kemi, Kukluka, Kemi, Elti, Pinambi, Rurka, Kungnuka, Yamka and Kopi for interfering in the good work performed by the rangers.

“Who’s going to do it if we do not do something for our city?” he said.

“We are using our own resources such as money, fuel and vehicles to carry out this awareness.

“We are fed up of this city painted with bad names every time so this time we want to change its appearance and create a better image.

“We are not pointing fingers at any one person but want to tell politicians and leaders who are doing this to stop because this is making things worse.”

Kama said the ranger was attacked by a vendor armed with an umbrella.

“This is not a political thing that we are doing here but for the good of the province and our city,” he said.