Support for Apec


The Apec Leaders’ Summit is just around the corner and the air is filled with all sorts of critics.
Opposition is the main instigator and it is very critical of government borrowing and spending towards hosting this event.
The ordinary citizens of this country, from all walks of life, should not to line up with the opposition to disrupt this most-deserved event.
In politics we need a vibrant, stable and smart opposition with teeth to keep the government in check and our democracy vibrant.
Nothing is wrong with the opposition criticising the government.
Critics are the forces that will help the government to adjust, fix and ensure mistakes do not happened again.
Critics will help you deliver successfully.
Papua New Guinea is very lucky to be hosting this event, so let us not waste it or let it go down the drain.
We are privileged.
This is the right time for us to showcase our potential to the world and let the world know that we need its assistance to help develop this young nation.
In business, you need to invest.

Hanam Bill Sandu

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