Support for Kramer


PEOPLE who fight for what is right and expose corruption and mal-practices are subject to threat and their lives are at risk.
On the same note, high profile figures, MPs or organisation involved in corrupt practices can use police, organised syndicates or criminals to carry out their dirty plans to hunt down anti-corruption advocators or media personnel’s.
There were sufficient evidence around the world that many journalist and people who stand for what is right have lost their lives through such payback from white collar criminals.
Corruption in PNG is deeply rooted and no one has put his or her hand up to fight for it especially at the top level.
PNG as seen something new and hope this country will stand and rally their support to the new Police Minister Bryan Kramer.
Prior to his appointment as state minister, Kramer was branded as a “keyboard warrior.”
Being a front liner with his continued exposure of many wrong doings via social media as prompted government to ban Facebook in PNG.
The term media freedom, means freedom of the press or freedom of the media is the principle that communication and expression through various media, including printed and electronic media, especially published materials, should be considered a right to be exercised freely.
People using various mode of media must be respected and their rights and freedom must not be dictated in any form.
Freedom of speech, can be suppressed by leaders with hidden motives and it is evident in this country now.
The breaking news about the planned arrest of Kramer is a result of his aspiration and push to free this nation from corruption.
PNG must not see this development as a mistake.
This is a deliberate act of suppression and a smokescreen tactic.
Fair and righteousness is slowly navigating its way.
For a police commissioner to sit on top of 40 unattended court cases is unacceptable.
PNG must stand behind Minister Kramer in the name of fighting corruption.

Hanam Bill Sandu

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