Support for PEA president

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I support the stand ta­ken by PEA president Michael Malabag not to accept the one-off payment of K500 housing al­lowance and demand an increase to K250 a fortnight.
As far as public servants are concerned, the government cannot be trusted when it comes to housing allowance.
We have been fighting it for donkey years.
While the private sector is looking after its workforce, the government does the opposite.
The saying is true in this case – “You can fool someone sometimes but not all the time”.
I call on the DPM secretary to wake up to the reality.
We are prepared to strike for affordable housing or K250 a fortnight as the starting point.
We will not be forced to accept the lousy 7.5% increase which equates to K7.50 for every K100 as it does not solve the housing problem.


PEA member