Support Governor to bring changes

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday February 26th, 2014

 PEOPLE in Southern Highlands have been urged to support their MPs and Governor William Powi to bring changes and development to the province.

Mendi town project coordinator Naik Baski said “playing politics” would prevent the province from progressing and developing further.

He said politics was bad for the province because it would affect the flow of basic services.

“I have seen and heard of a lot from politicians and individuals who have lost the elections,” he said.

“These are the very people who are going around disrupting the flow of basic services.”

He said different groups of people come up with different ideas resulting in things never moving forward.

Baski said it was about time people started showing respect for their leaders and allow them to carry on with their policies.

“We are not interested in politics. We even do not want people to say bad things about others. All we want is service,” he said.

He said Southern Highlanders must work together for the good of the province.

“Election will come in 2017 that is where people can challenge their political rivals. But not now because we need service delivery,” he said.

“Why I’m raising this concern is because I have seen and witnessed many people playing dirty politics with the current MPs and that is not good.”