Support Kondra’s bill

Letters, Normal

IT saddens me when many of our educated people are blind to what is happening and are not prepared to support the bill proposed by the North Fly Member Boka Kondra.
This is daylight robbery when investors are removing all our resources while landowners get only a small percentage, less than 20%.
The Kokopo BSA is a joke, especially when we fight over something less than 10%. Should we be fighting for such a meager amount when we own the land?
We should be fighting for 50:50 or 60:40 with the investors because this is our land and the resources are ours.
PNG deserve to get 50% with the Government and the landowners splitting it 30:20 and other 50% goes to the foreign investors.
We are 34, have a lot of educated people with masters and PhDs, yet we are unable to critically question and fight for a betterdeal with the foreign investors.
We must support the landowners, who are going to lose their traditional way of life because the environment will be destroyed.
This is especially true for landowners who live downstream as in the case of Torokina in Bougainville, Kiunga and Daru landowners who are not benefiting from the OK Tedi special grants but suffer from the consequences of the tailings that destroyed their plants and animals in the lower river system.
The North Fly MP is a true nationalist.


Dr Thomas Vinit
Port Moresby