Support Lutheran church’s vision


THE article of Lutheran Mission in The National on Monday (Page 5) is the way forward for the Evangelical Lutheran church of Papua New Guinea (ELCPNG).
In the 33rd synod, the church’s Visions 2030 will be launched.
The vision will focus on family.
The general-secretary highlighted the main strategic plans to be discussed at this event in a week’s time. The theme “Sharing the faith and building the church” is a huge vision to be accomplished with its own resources.
I see this as a new era for the church.
If we stand and work together with the church, individuals, families and communities can contribute meaningfully towards achieving the church’s vision.
To achieve this vision, it requires collective efforts.
It starts with individuals, families and churches in our communities to provide the support.
Increasing faith by doing God’s will is the underlying foundation to achieve the purpose of the vision.
Times are changing and such visions encourages and elevates the behaviours of the believers to meet the faith standards.
This is a new direction for the church.
God created men with a vision that we will use our potentials to worship and expose His glory to all mankind.
This qualifies us for His purpose.
The church’s Vision 2030 is to serve its mission purpose for such a time when Papua New Guinea is confronted with social, economical, spiritual and physical issues.
I commend head bishop Rev Dr Jack Urame, general-secretary Bernard Kaisom and ELCPNG executives for choosing this vision.

Honera Ian Fore,
Masangko Village,
Sattleberg Finschhafen