Support PM to ‘Take Back PNG’


TAKE Back PNG’ sounds like a personal vision of the prime minister; a vision to drive the country with a vested political interest.
However, by critical analysis of the prime minister’s call is a greater vision.
It is a much bigger political policy statement that has a directional call or effect on the instrumentality of government to take-que from this call and translate its operational plans into policy actions.
Institutions of government instead of finger pointing at faults and sitting and watching political outcomes, must now realign all institutional development priorities away from the Alotau Accords 1 and 2 and realign all institutional policies to translate the prime minister’s call.
That means, the Government’s major Medium Term Development Strategy needs to be reviewed and aligned with the greater vision by the prime minister to ‘Take Back PNG’ leaving no corner of the country unattended.
We have had enough talk and gossips about government, thus, now is the time for all institutions to take lead in this major policy re-alignment.
If certain department’s sit on the prime minister’s call and does not make any progress to drive the greater government agenda, I see no reason why such departments, agencies and institution heads should be rolled and replaced.
The bottom line is no one will develop this country to make it a rich black nation.
The citizen bureaucrats of this country must get their acts together and support the prime minister to drive the policy call to piggy back on the overall Vision 2050 or put ‘Take Back PNG” call as higher policy bar to measure the 2050.
Whichever way, it’s a must directional call on the government bureaucracy to take ownership of this call.
It’s almost four months into office and no institution, department or even a smaller agency of government has made any attempt to adopt this call and do a major policy transformation.
It must be done now.

Koreken Levi

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  • Mr Koreken you are a visionary servant who has a heart for this nation. Your comments to all Departments on PMs call out notice to Take Back PNG is correct. That’s the way forward.

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