Support widows


MOST people in societies cannot cope and come to terms with the devastating loss of a partner.
Women in developing countries who lose their partners endure a long-term struggle for their basic needs and dignity.
Widows are often denied inheritance rights, have their property grabbed after the death of a partner and can face extreme stigma and discrimination, as perceived “carriers” of disease when their husbands die of HIV/AIDS or other diseases.
They are much less likely to have access to old age pensions than men, so the death of a spouse can lead to destitution for older women.
Poverty, violence, health issues and conflict related issues exacerbate the agonies of widows.
All these pain and sufferings of widows should come to an end.
Governments should put in place policies that alleviate widows’ poverty, assist them to have access to full inheritance and their children never be denied access to basic education of fees issues.

Handsen Chikowore,

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