Supporters cause commotion at courthouse

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The National, Friday July 5th, 2013


TROUBLE almost erupted  in front of the Mt Hagen court yesterday between supporters of Enga Governor Peter Ipatas and  general election runner-up Sandy Talita.

The near confrontation took place at 10am after Justice Salatiel Lenalia adjourned the election petition case against Ipatas by Talita to next Friday.

It was alleged that two of Ipatas’ supporters came out from the national court room and told supporters packing Independence Hill next to the court house of the decision.

The two supporters were inside the court premises as the crowd ran towards the fence to hear what they were saying.

This irritated others who were there to witness the case and people started confronting each other with heated words.

Iaptas did not attend court but Talita, who was inside, realised that something was wrong and with the help of the police they managed to separate the two parties.

Talita said yesterday in Mt Hagen that such behaviour in public should be stopped and people had to show respect for the court.

“My appeal to each and every one of you who are here is to behave well and let the court process determine; not you taking the law into your own hands,” he said.

“I’m the petitioner and I’m fighting for everyone’s right so that the court can prove who the legitimate governor of Enga is.”

Talita appealed to his supporters not to create  problems as he and Ipatas had no hard feelings towards each other.