Supporting call by Nongor-r


I SUPPORT the call by retired Capt Paun Nongor-r of Air Niugini who retired recently last week.
He said corruption and stealing is rampant in the country.
Nongor-r said Air Niugini was not making profit for the Government.
He added that he was worried about the safety of passengers if it was not privatised.
I congratulate my brother (Nongor-r) who did his foundation year at the University of Papua New Guinea with me in the 1970s.
He went on to become the youngest pilot to achieve many great things in the aviation industry, especially with Air Niugini.
We were taught by the Australians back then.
They have taught us the true way of doing business until we started looking “North”.
I have known him to be very professional, meticulous, respectful and very good in his line of work .
He has put the country at heart instead of personal interests.
He could have gone and flew planes anywhere in the world, but chose to stay and serve his beloved country.
You have done well my brother.
Keep up the good traits you built.
In support of Nongor-r’s statement, corruption in the aviation industry has to stop if PNG is to progress.
To Prime Minister James Marape, if you want us to take PNG back, remove the rotten apples within the system.
Start with your cabinet ministers and remove those who have bad records and those who were implicated in corrupt deals.
Do the same with senior and middle management public servants.
Make new appointments based on qualifications, experiences and merits.
Check foreign businesses to ensure they abide by the rules of operating in our country.
The few who are doing their best for the country cannot do much because some in the Cabinet and public service are not doing what they’re supposed to do.
Once you clean your house and get it in order, good things will happen.
It is never too late.
Make some important decisions for the better.
At the end of the day, we will all be answerable to the Lord.

Dr Banare Bun,

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