Supporting call to end cargo cult movement


I SUPPORT the elites of Sarawaget Range in Wednesday’s The National calling on the Sarawaget Range landowners from Iloko and surrounding areas to stop misleading the Kabwum people by promising millions of kina in exchange for their K5 contributions.
If the leaders of the group are really serious in their endeavour to promote the range as a tourist destination, there are proper channels and processes to follow, and that includes proper consultations with all stakeholders including the landowner identification processes.
There is another group within the Komba local level government which is going around the country (Lae, Port Moresby, Kimbe mostly) soliciting money in thousands in order to bring in developers to develop the oil reserves in the area.
This cargo cult group is still doing their rounds holding regular meetings in Port Moresby and Lae and is continuing to cheat unsuspecting people.
As a Kabwum, I call on the leaders of both groups and other similar groups out there to stop this cargo cult mentality and refund the simple peoples’ monies.

Kabwum Elite 2, Lae

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