Supporting PAC’s call for separate university


THE recent recommendations by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to upgrade the University of PNG’s Medical Faculty (Medfac) to a stand-alone university is commendable.
This will produce highly-trained health professionals.
It will certainly enhance the health system and control the issues affecting health in PNG.
Medfac have had setbacks over the past years which resulted in ineffectiveness.
There are doctors without experience teaching in Medfac.
Some professors and lecturers are leaving their jobs for greener pastures because they are being paid too low.
Health is now becoming a growing concern because many have died from curable diseases.
Mothers in many parts of PNG are still struggling to give birth.
Contagious diseases are being spread uncontrollably.
Lifestyle diseases are affecting us.
Look at how deteriorated our health services are.
I believe a stand-alone university will address the loopholes that are affecting our health system.
Health is of paramount importance and needs more attention.
PNG needs a stable and well-functioning medical university.
It’s time now to act or we’ll continue to suffer.

Misack Ruri

One thought on “Supporting PAC’s call for separate university

  • Stand-alone medical university will just reduce the international status of the institution to a college.
    Most Commonwealth countries have medical schools as part of a university. It gives prestige to researchers and academics.
    The institution will not attract any international lecturers/professors to lift the standard of teaching at both basic and clinic sciences. I can not see how the current mob of lecturers and professors can suddenly change gear to a higher level and start producing highly trained doctors with a stand-alone medical university.
    My suggestion is for the SMHS to have more autonomy with funding, budget, different salary scale for lecturers depending on clinical experience, particularly membership of international clinical professional bodies such as American College of Physicians, Royal Australasian College of Physicians. Royal College of Physicians-UK, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, etc..
    Without aiming high, nothing will improve.

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