Supporting Polye’s call


I AGREE with Kandep MP Don Polye’s statement in The National yesterday.
He said he didn’t need anyone forcing him to take the Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine.
Forcing people to take the jab is an ongoing issue with companies.
Individuals are being forced to take the vaccine.
Even though the Government is saying vaccination is voluntary, some companies are threatening employees to get vaccinated or lose their jobs.
I heard some people were fired from their jobs for not taking the Covid-19 vaccine.
Can the Government find other means of protecting the people instead of relying only on vaccination?
A reusable mask costs K1 and a hand sanitiser costs less than K10.
Vaccines cost more.
I still see many people walking around without masks and not getting infected compared to people being infected and dying of Covid-19 in some parts of the world.
I want people who recovered from the Covid-19 to come out and give awareness on the Covid-19.
If Covid-19 is here to stay, let’s all work together to tackle it in a better way.

Stanley Sibrum,
Concerned Citizen