Supreme Court to hear Yama’s case

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THE Supreme Court will hear submissions on Monday of Madang businessman Peter Yama’s bid to disqualify one of the Supreme Court judges who presided over the election petition between him and Madang Governor Sir Arnold Amet.
The submissions were set to proceed on Wednesday but were adjourned.
Mr Yama is seeking to disqualify Justice Catharine Davani on alleged biasness or real likelihood of bias on the part of Justice Davani.
Mr Yama made the allegations after witnesses alleged that Justice Davani, who was one of the three-judge bench of the Supreme Court that presided on the appeal by Sir Arnold against a court decision that nullified his win on the Madang provincial seat, was seen chatting with Sir Amet in the Madang Resort Hotel last year.
Mr Yama alleged that it was a highly suspicious act as the decision of the Supreme Court on the appeal was still pending and Justice Davani was part of the decision-making body together with Deputy Chief Justice Gibbs Salika and Justice Elenas Batari.
Justice Davani’s associate, Emmanuel Tirone, who was sacked last year, also filed an affidavit in support of Mr Yama to be tended in court.
Mr Yama would likely re-open the election petition matter between him and Sir Arnold on the Madang provincial seat if he succeeds in the current proceeding.