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THE Constitutional and Law Reform Commission (CLRC) will conduct a nationwide consultation to gauge the views of citizens on whether the death penalty should remain a part of the laws of the country.
Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Justice and Attorney-General Davis Steven told reporters last Friday that the death penalty had been broadly discussed, especially the method of execution to be used.
But he said nothing had been resolved.
The Government has therefore directed the CLRC to go out and get the views of the people.
The Council of Churches has suggested to do away with the death penalty, but he said the laws currently recognised the death penalty.
“Our Supreme Court and National Court have imposed it and all that needs to be done is the method of execution and for the implements or instruments to be made available, the facilities to be built, and the death penalty to be enforced,” he said.
“However following the request of the churches’ council, the NEC decided to instruct the Constitutional Law reform Commission to conduct a nationwide consultation process, to ask our citizens whether the death penalty should remain part of our laws or not.”


  • Interestingly, Death Penalty should be allowed to be a reality so as to deter deliberate criminal mindset which had flourished over the decades whilst there had being a tug of war to date. A tug of war since there are those who say the liability and culpability of a person must be readily embraced because to commit such crimes are always committed wittingly which automatically qualify for the Death Penalty.
    Sure, PNG is a Christian Country, but the very acts which qualify for the death penalty to be reality are absolutely wicked as pertaining to the principles of Christianity.

  • Stop this none sense.Who ARE YOU Mr minister to kill and destroy another innocent person.Because of our own mismanagement and corruption we can not kill.The law of the LORD GOD almighty still stand tall.No matter who we are he will decide. We all living in the world full of sin.If you want righteous people to live in this country then just enforce a law and start forcing every citizen in this country to go to church.Arrest those people who aren’t Christians and lock them up at Bomana. It should be a must for every christian to worship God in this country.

  • Is Papua New Guinea a Christian country?
    I remembered as a kid , people will say to me,” yes we are a Christian country”. So my opinion is to due away with this Death Penalty bulshit. Its like the death adds on another death to other deaths. This is not justice.

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