Survivor recalls the moment of impact

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JASON Kiakari, his friends Jordon Kappo and brothers Kambi and Mangalio Lambu, had just come out of the SVS Supermarket after getting some lunch and were heading across the road to a mobile phone promotion at Sir Hubert Murray Stadium.
As they were about to cross to the other side of the highway, Jason said he froze when he saw something heading in their direction, hurtling out of control towards them.
It was the trailer of the semi-trailer truck laden with gravel.
Instinctively, Jason turned and ran to his left. He was safely out of reach of the runaway trailer.
Jordon also saw the thing coming and froze. He stood where he was. The trailer missed him by inches.
He only sustained injuries to his arm and leg from the loose stones that were flying in all directions.
Kambi and Mangalio ran to their right side and into the path of the trailer.
Jason saw Kambi fall down after he was hit by a rock, and moments later the trailer smashed into him.
He died on the spot.
The trailer then hit Mangalio,smashing him into the fence at the side of the road. Mangalio was rushed to the hospital but died at the emergency ward.
“I was shocked, I couldn’t believe what was happening,” Jason told The National.
“I was helpless and didn’t know what to do. People who saw what happened were moving in to help,” he said.
Jason was too shocked to do anything.
Kambi and Mangalio, aged 22 and 17 respectively, were sons of prominent government lawyer David Lambu.
Both are from Laiagam in Enga province.
Mangalio had just completed his Grade 10 examinations at the Tokarara High School, while Kambi was enrolled at the Unitech Open Campus in Port Moresby.
Parents and relatives of the two brothers are mourning their tragic death at their home in Gerehu.
Jason was also there, grieving the loss of his good friends.
Elder brother Kungus Lambu said everyone was shocked to hear of the death.
“We were all shocked to hear of the death of the two boys and are in a difficult state, mourning over two bodies at the same time,” Kungus said.
He said friends, relatives, church members and families also could not believe the tragic loss of the two young boys.