Suspect female killer flees

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The National, Wednesday 29th August, 2012

A WOMAN who allegedly killed another woman at a nightclub in Port Moresby on Aug 16 is reported to have “escaped” from custody at the Boroko Police Station.
A relative of the late Tomis Kewa, the deceased, said the suspect of mixed Morobe and Eastern Highlands origin fled before they went to lodge a complaint with police.
“Em yet go long han bilong polis tasol mipela no save (She went to and gave herself up to the police but we did not know).
“Taim mipela go long polis stason long putim ripot, ol polisman toksave long mipela (When we went to the police station to put a report, policemen there told us),” she said.
While the killing is the subject of a police investigation, a girlfriend of the deceased who was with her on the night of her death, claimed the suspect stabbed the deceased to death and surrendered to police because she suspected the deceased of having an adulterous relationship with her husband.
She said the suspect allegedly used her husband’s mobile phone and with the help of male accomplices may have arranged for a meeting with the deceased outside the club where she was killed.
How the suspect escaped is still unclear but relatives of the deceased alleged that people close to the suspect may have bribed police officers to release her.
Police then arrested the suspect’s husband.
He reportedly told police that he had bought a ticket for his wife (the suspect) and sent her to Goroka, Eastern Highlands.
Police instructed him to convince his wife to return to Port Moresby or he risked being held responsible for her crime.
NCD police operations commander Andy Bawa yesterday said he was not aware of the escape but said it was a serious failure on the part of police.
“This is serious and criminal in nature,” Bawa said.
“I will find out from the police station commander and ask him to investigate.”
Detectives in Port Moresby and Goroka are working on the case.