Suspect in man’s death arrested


A MAN is in police custody in Wewak, East Sepik, after he slashed three people with a bush knife resulting in one dying of his injuries a week after the attack.
Police Commander Supt Albert Beli said the accused, from Marap village, had attacked the trio over a stolen mobile phone belonging to him.
Supt Beli said that on July 17, the accused had placed his phone to charge at a home at the Meni settlement in Wewak.
“However his phone went missing that day and he suspected a man of stealing his phone,” he said.
“On Sat, July 24, the suspect, under the influence of homebrew went to the Meni settlement in search of the alleged thief.
“He arrived at the home of the man he suspected of stealing his phone, however, the man was not there, he was so drunk he went to a home near the alleged thief’s home and the mother of the home was seating in front of her home.”
Supt Beli said the accused pointed the bush knife at the woman and slashed her twice on her back and right hand and left her bleeding and went to the next house.
“A husband and wife were making a fire at their home, when the suspect arrived, without saying anything to the couple he swung the knife forcing the couple to run into the home and under the house,” he said.
“He went into the home and struck the husband on his back as he struggled to break the walls of the home to escape, the wife was also struck and both received wounds to their arms and legs.”
Supt Beli said that the two women and the man were admitted to the Wewak General Hospital.
“The man began feeling unwell a week after the attack and was re-admitted to the hospital, however, he died at the hospital.”