Suspect may have been shot by army

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The National, Friday 24th May 2013

 A PASSENGER in a dinghy suspected of bringing in prohibited items from Jayapura may have been shot by PNG soldiers near the border, police say.

West Sepik provincial police commander Supt Robert Gesa said the soldiers saw the boat and followed it along the coastline to Lido village on the west coast of Vainimo. 

A warning shot was fired when it was about to approach the coast.

“The skipper turned the boat around quickly and sped westward towards the border.” Gesa said. 

“Soldiers continued to fire and (could have) shot a passenger onboard,” Gesa said.

“It’s business as usual for people in Vanimo who order store goods and other items from Jayapura.”

Gesa said the soldiers could have noticed something strange about the vessel and fired the warning shot to indicate to the skipper not to come to the beach.

“But the skipper decided otherwise,” Gesa said.

He said the military would investigate the matter and a report would be made available.

The illegal trade of marijuana for guns, cash and pornography materials are rampant along the border area. 

But police lack resources and logistics to patrol the sea near in the area.