Suspect seized after man burnt and cut to pieces


A murder suspect in a sorcery-related incident and fellow villagers allegedly broke into a police cell, dragged a person accused of sorcery out, doused him in petrol, set him on fire and chopped him to pieces.
He then disappeared and had been on the run for two years until recaptured and charged with murder by Goroka police last week.
Eastern Highlands police commander Superintendent Alex N’Drasal described the horrendous events of 2015 in which Kinda Meme, 46, from Moke village in Okapa district in  Eastern Highlands,  allegedly became the prime suspect.
He was formally arrested, charged and remanded in police custody.
N’Drasal said Meme and about 26 others accused the deceased, Marabe Oentuma, of  practising sorcery and causing the death of Evita Wakikura – apparently killed by team members and supporters of a rugby league club during a match at the Okapa station on Christmas Day, 2015.
N’Drasal said the suspects chased  Oentuma, who sought the help of Okapa police and was locked up at the cell.
He said the suspects allegedly led by Meme,  outnumbered police manning the station and stormed the cell.
“The prime suspect’s vehicle that was used to smash the skull of the deceased was impounded by police. My men will pursue the case until all the suspects involved are arrested and charged,” N’Drasal said.
Principal investigator and officer in-charge of the Goroka Criminal Investigation Division detective senior inspector Mazuc Rubiang confirmed being furnished with names of the suspects.
He said  Oentuma was accused of practising sorcery to kill Wakikura, who was attacked and killed during a fight in an off-season rugby league match between Goroka and Gateway Panthers.