Suspect shot dead

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The National, Tuesday, May 3, 2011

THE ring leader of a gang was shot dead by Goroka police along the notorious Barola section of the Highlands Highway in Eastern Highlands last week.
Provincial police commander Supt Augustine Wampe yesterday confirmed the shooting of Kovika Meove, 22, of Kolwin village in the Barola area.
Wampe said Goroka police were travelling to Kainantu in an unmarked hired vehicle when they were confronted by a group of men armed with home-made guns.
Wampe said the policemen fired shots at the group killing the alleged leader while others, who were believed to have been wounded, fled the scene.
He said during a chase into bushes, police found a home-made gun the group had been using.
He said police believed villagers had hidden the suspects in their villages.
“I appeal to the people of Barola to cooperate with police who will be investigating the incident.
“They should not harbour any of them as we want to make sure the  highway is safe for the travelling public,” he said.
Wampe called on people to be wary when travelling on the highway, especially during this coffee season period.
Barola, a most feared section of the highway, has been rehabilitated successfully by police and Law and Justice Sector, when youth self-help programmes were initiated.
However, the programme came to a stop and saw the emergence of roadblocks recently, one of which was carried out last week resulting in the ring leader of the gang being gunned down by police.