Suspected drug dealers out on bail

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The National, Monday 12th December 2011

NINE of the 10 suspects caught by police in Rabaul early last week for being in the possession of dangerous drugs are out on bail of K200 each.
Last Wednesday, they appeared before the Rabaul District Court for mention and were granted bail.
The 10th suspect is a juvenile and was released into the custody of his guardians.
The nine appeared before the Rabaul District Court last Friday.
The suspects were arrested and charged last week after a joint team comprising the Rabaul drug response unit and police task force confiscated drugs worth more than K20,000 in street sales after a tip-off.
Authorities had raised concerns that vulnerable people were being targeted by those making money from drugs and the effects were serious.
The concern among parents, especially in
Rabaul district, was that the addiction to drugs had often resulted in criminal acts and irrational behaviour.