Suspects caught in raid

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 30th April 2013


TWELVE serious crime suspects were apprehended by police in an operation conducted last week in Abau district, Central.

“The crimes involve rape, armed robbery, and possession of marijuana and pornographic material,” provincial police commander Heni Vagi said.

The operation, code-named Ops Fly High Abau, was conducted to curb criminal activities occurring almost every day in Cloudy Bay, Amazon Bay and part of Aroma Coast.

“Major crimes were committed nearly every day of the week targeting small businesses and vulnerable persons such as schoolchildren especially girls,” Vagi said.

He said the crimes ranged from rape, attempted murder, armed robberies and drug abuse to sea piracy.

“The continuous occurrence of crimes on a daily basis has caused members of the community to lose trust in the law enforcement agencies in the district.

“To make the things worse, a few of the perpetrators are allegedly close relatives of the policemen serving in the district,” Vagi said.

He said the operation was conducted because of the concern raised by members of the community.

“The operation was fast, precise and safe resulting in the 12 most wanted suspects apprehended within two days,” Vagi said.

“Some of the suspects are believed to have committed more than one offence in different days and locations,” Vagi said.

He said the suspects were being questioned over the various crimes committed in the Abau district.

“The operation was very successful despite no allowances and rations,” Vagi said.

He said the police officers displayed a high level of discipline and commitment.

“All suspects were transported to the 15-Mile Police station and locked up,” Vagi said.