Suspects entitled to prompt hearings: Bidar

The National, Monday July 18th, 2016

It is the constitutional right of an alleged offender to have his or her case dealt with in a reasonable time,  Magistrate Cosmas Bidar says.
He made this comment after adjourning a number of cases for which the police have yet to serve briefs on.
“It is unfair for a crime to be committed against a person but the defendant also has a right to a fair hearing in a reasonable time,” Bidar told the Bomana Committal Court.
Two of the cases he adjourned had no police files. One was the case of Soti Guk, who allegedly raped a 10-year-old boy. The charge was read to him on May 13 but no files have been served yet.
The other is the case of Thomas Warepa, who allegedly ripped his uncle’s scrotum when intoxicated, causing him injuries. Both cases will return to court tomorrow.
Meanwhile, Bidar adjourned case of Julie Rex, charged with the wilful murder of her husband, to July 29. She was already served the briefs.
Bidar advised her to find a lawyer to assist her.
“There are lawyers from the Public Solicitor’s Office. See one and he or she will assist you,” Bidar said.
The court issued arrest warrants for Jason Negeh and James Mara both charged with breaking and entering, and stealing. Arrest warrants were also issued for Maus Maipora and Eric Morea, both on rape charges. They failed to turn up in court.
The court expected Mara and Maipora to return on Friday. Warepa and Morea are expect in court tomorrow.