Suspects involved in burning police car handed in

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The National,Tuesday17 January 2012

THREE men allegedly involved in the burning of a police vehicle last month in Irelya, just outside Wabag, have been handed over to police in Enga province.
Two other suspects are still at large and police want the villagers to give them up.
On Dec 16, a group of villagers allegedly set fire to a police vehicle and a provincial government car after hearing rumours that their MP Sam Abal had been arrested in Port Moresby.
The villagers reportedly went on a rampage in Wabag before setting up a roadblock at Irelya and burning the car belonging to the police criminal investigation unit.
The property of a policeman from Sepik based at Aipus barracks was also removed while he was away on duty in Port Moresby.
Police had asked the villagers to bring in those involved. Members of the Talyu clan on Sunday responded by handing over the three men.
They are being held at the Wabag police cells but formal charges have not been laid.
Provincial police commander Martin Lakari said more could be held in relation to the incident.
He thanked the villagers for obeying police directives and releasing the men.
He condemned the burning of the vehicle, saying it was a direct attack on the government.
Lakari said police wanted to ensure that the election was trouble-free.
The province has an alcohol ban in place resulting in a general decline in law and order problems during the holiday period.