Suspects on the loose, police issue warning


Acting East New Britain police commander  Senior Inspector  Joe Tabali is concerned about the safety of people after four serious crime suspects escaped to the province from Lae.
He said ENB police received reports from their Lae counterparts about the four men wanted for major crimes, including robbery with violence.
Police believe the four men have teamed up two wanted criminals in Kokopo and played a part in major crimes reported to police recently.
He said these included the holdup of two expatriates – a man and woman – at the Rapopo Plantation Resort premises and the holdup of three female employees at Lings Freezer at Nangananga.
Tabali said the criminals robbed the two expatriates’ car keys, cartons of beer, dive watch worth about K12,000 and a mobile phone worth K4000.
“Police will be putting up photographs of the criminals so people have an idea of what they look like and must report them immediately to the closest station or police post,” Tabali said.
Tabali urged residents in ENB to be careful and to be on alert and report any suspicious activity or movements.

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