Suspects out on K500 bail

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THREE individuals charged with harbouring suspected bank robber William Nanua Kapris appeared before the Waigani Committal Courts last Friday.
Marai Kolomago, 36, from Tuburi village; Evelyn Ban, 23, from Ujiamp-Umbongu; and Michael Lai, 59, from Kikida village, Tari; all appeared on the charge of harbouring suspected bank robber Kapris when he was recaptured on Feb 6 at the Afford Lodge.
They were charged under section 141 of the Criminal Code Act, chapter 262, for harbouring a prisoner who had escaped from lawful custody. 
They were read their charges, and informed of the committal procedures. They were not allowed to say anything.
The court was not informed of the status of the individuals within the lodge, but it is understood the two females were receptionist while the male is a security guard.
The three individuals were released on an extended bail of K500 each. The case has been adjourned to April 12.