Suspects shot dead in Kimbe

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THREE youths in West New Britain, who allegedly terrorised people in Kimbe town, were shot dead by police last Sunday.
The three were among seven youths who were allegedly drunk. They were from the Section 15 settlement area in the outskirts of Kimbe.
WNB police commander Supt Richard Mulou said between 1pm and 2.30pm, the youths armed with homemade guns and knives and were seen terrorising people near the Ela Motors premises.
They held up buses and harassed people for money, snatched bags and caused fear among the people.
A police patrol unit of five members from Kokopo came to the scene but the youths fled towards the Section 15 area. During the chase, gunshots were fired.
Supt Mulou said besides those who were shot, several suspects have been held for questioning.
Police believe this was the same gang  involved in a string of crimes including the rape of two students from the Kimbe Business College and armed robberies in the past few months.
Supt Mulou said: “WNB stands as the most crime Volatile province in the New Guinea Islands region and in the last 10 years, policemen lost their lives in shootouts.”
Meanwhile, he added police were taking a serious view of the threats that have been made against them after the shooting.
“We are planning an operation to target areas harbouring notorious criminals,” Supt Mulou said.