Suspects surrender

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The National – Monday, February 14, 2011

FOUR suspects wanted by police in NCD in relation to the ethnic clash between Taris and Engans surrendered to police last Saturday.
In the clash last month, three people were killed which led to the city’s Gordon market closed to the public.
A small but significant surrender ceremony took place at the City Hall over the weekend witnessed by Governor Powes Parkop, deputy city manager Honk Kiap, acting Metropolitan Superintendent Jim Namora, Boroko CID chief Ulagis Mantu and several Enga community leaders.
The Gordon market was also reopened last Saturday.
Parkop when addressing the crowd thanked the Engan leaders, particularly police inspector Jeffrey Lemb, for the surrender.
Parkop said the city was a “mini PNG” and everyone living in the city needed to respect each other and their rights.
“Resorting to violence is now no longer appropriate as we have all other avenues accessible on hand in the city that could be used to address issues affecting us today.
“Port Moresby is a modern fast developing city, and there is no room for such ethnic stupidity in the city.
“All of us have a part to play in ensuring that the city is safe and conductive to our women, children and visitors.Port Moresby is our home, we must respect that and live in harmony,” he said.
Namora also thanked leaders from Wabag, Central, particularly Lemb for initiative in handing over the possible murder suspects, and also called on the Hela leaders to do like wise.
He said police had commenced operations to hunt down the suspects and police would do everything to apprehend them.
He said police called for cooperation and understanding from both parties plus leaders from Lake Kopiago in the Southern Highlands and the Goilala from Central.