Suspend school year


THE decision to resume classes by the Government defeats the real purpose of the coronavirus lockdown and state of emergency to control the Covid 19 pandemic.
All schools starting from elementary to university must be suspended this academic year.
That will mean no new enrolment next. All the schools from elementary to the University do not have the facility nor could not comply with the social distancing rules in the classroom.
Our schools will become the breeding ground to spread the coronavirus. Opening the schools is like opening a can of worms.
Funds earmarked for education this year could be diverted to supporting the Covid-19 pandemic or could be used in upgrading the school institutional facilities.
Developed countries and governments worldwide have taken extreme measures to keep the virus under control.
Police are watching that these restrictions are kept up – otherwise one risk a penalty.
All these regulations make life a bit hard for the people but it is good for the country to control the coronavirus pandemic.
We should try and relax on opening up our economic development projects to keep the economic tap running.
I see that PNG is very relaxed on the social activities despite the lockdown and SOE.

Sasa Zibe,


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