Suspend the autonomy bid


DEAR Prime Minister James Marape, I write to your esteemed office requesting your urgent intervention to suspend the autonomy bid for East New Britain currently on foot and set up a Commission of Inquiry to expose a sinister regime comprising leaders of a certain local tribe and transnational criminals that are behind this autonomy agenda.
The outside world does not know that East New Britain comprises seven ethnic groups.
But only one popular tribe continues to suppress and conceal by way of ethnocide the other six local tribes.
This tribe has borne sway over every single affair of the province offering no opportunity for other fellow tribal groups to participate in the local socio-economic space.
For decades all decision-making has been the sole prerogative of this one race and no input from other six tribes has been sought in running the province.
One has to tour the province to truly witness that all sealed roads, electricity, water supply and almost all educational institutions are exclusively concentrated across areas occupied by this prominent tribe while the other minority tribes are ghettoised outside the periphery of modern development.
My dear prime minister, I invite you to come down to the province and see for yourself that all the six minority tribes of ENB are huddled in just one Pomio district while all modern development is unfairly concentrated within the other three districts exactly where this one tribe inhabits. Be it also known to you that all the forest, land and natural resources of ENB are owned collectively by the six minority tribes including the Warangoi hydro dam and Sinivit gold mine.
Currently, there is a sinister union between the provincial government and a certain transnational criminal organisation under the garb of a registered entity attempting as well as already plundering traditional resources of the minority tribes at will and whim without consent of the poor resource owners.
I can only imagine that the conferment of autonomy to ENBP will truly worsen the existing realities of ethnocide, unfair distribution of wealth and plundering of natural resources by international criminals and cartels.
This is an issue no one has in the past dared to expose, and as a lady myself braving to expose this realities implies more than meets the eye.
Hope to hear from your office.


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