SVS introduces Bata flip-flops, chocolate drink


SUPER Value Stores (SVS) have released two new items for its customers – colourful Bata flip-flops and a new chocolate product called Choco Latto.
The flip-flops come in seven different colours according to customer demand.
They are of good quality and have features which can differentiate them from fake ones.
The original flip-flops have the “Bata” logo on the top and underneath the strap, and also on the base.
The fake ones have the logo on the tip of the flip-flops.
SVS product executive Victor Remigio said the fake ones could be easily bent while the original ones were rigid.
“If you buy cheap products, how many will you spend money on in a year?,” he said.
“Buy the original products that will last a long time.
“This is for the value of your money and your safety.
“The new-look Bata flip-flops are going for K10 each.”
The chocolate comes from the same manufacturer of Kopiko and distributed by SVS.
It is deliciously rich and contains sugar and milk.
All you need is add hot water.
Choco Latto is made from high quality chocolate, malt, cream and milk.
A packet costs K1.20 in stores.

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