Swans head home to Morata with cup

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The National – Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TOURNAMENT  fav-ourites and two-time Governor’s Cup champions Morata Swans have reclaim the Governor Powes Parkop trophy from hosts Bomana Rugby League by defeating 8-Mile team, Moitaka Dwarfs 2, 12-8.
In an entertaining match, the Morata team beat the 8-Mile side to bring the prestigious suburban trophy back to their turf yesterday afternoon.
Both teams put up superb performances and classy style of football through the entire 20-minute encounter.
In the first five minutes of the first stanza, both teams displaying some powerful defence and attacking tactics to keep the crowd on their feet.
In the 6th minute, Anderson Karape of Morata Swans broke the duck when he converted a penalty.
Karape’s efforts was squared by the Dwarfs when Mackenzie Buka, Dwarf’s half-back replied with a 2-pointer penalty minutes later due to tackling error by the Swans.
Buka then collected another two points for the Dwarfs through a penalty.
However, before the full time siren, Swan’s centre, James Mondo, scored a try to give his team a 6-4 lead.
A successful conversion from Ron Wek saw the boys from Morata on top at the first stanza.
After the break, the encounter shifted a gear forward as the Dwarfs went all out.
Great hand and foot work by half back Mackenzie Buka and five-eight Sodies Steven saw the Dwarfs came back with a try by Buka.
The game went down the wire but the score remained 8-8 and officials decided to give 10 minutes extra time.
The match then went into “extra time golden point” which saw the Swans score with a  try from centre and man-of-the-match Anderson Karape.