Sweat as well as effort count

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SIR Dadi Toka may well be a”Sir” for services to PNG and probably rightly so.
But what has he physically contributed to the Royal Papua Yacht Club.
Has he trained any kids in sailing?
Has he sat and worked on the committee?
Has he raised and donated funds over many years? 
People should not be elected to life memberships because of their influence in a few instances or paper transactions.
They have to show long-term support, work and effort for the club or organisation they wish to receive the membership for.
Playing the race or hierarchy card to try to gain ascendency for a nomination is a poor reflection on all those involved in the push.
You don’t get elected to life memberships because of who you are – it is about performance and effort.
The same goes for who nominated him and who spoke on his behalf.
Who you are is irrelevant.
 What you have done for the club through sweat and effort is what matters.

Peter Johnson