Swiss chocolate manufacturer to visit show


OFFICIALS from the overseas chocolate manufacturer Lindt & Springuli in Switzerland are expected to visit cocoa farmers in Morobe.
Cocoa Board of PNG chief executive officer Boto Gaupu will accompany the team to visit the Outspan PNG Ltd (Olam cocoa) sustainability programme in Kaiapit, Markham and Wampar in Huon Gulf.
Outspan branch manager Basavaraj Mashetty said the officials would visit the farmer groups on next week.
The company is a leading cocoa and coffee exporter in Papua New Guinea.
“We are engaged in various sustainable programmes to strengthen cocoa industry in country, and our long term aim is to improve livelihood of cocoa farmers through sustainable cocoa farming,” Mashetty said.
“This year we have extended our sustainable programmes in Morobe.”
The overseas delegation includes Lindt & Springuli Switzerland head of sustainability Leonie Brühlmann and head of quality Steve Genzoli, and Olam Cocoa head of sustainability Simon Bryan Smith.
Gaupu and regional manager Anton Ningi will accompany all the delegation to the farms.
“Together we will build more awareness and educate our farming community on sustainability and encourage our farmers to participate,” Mashetty said.
Meanwhile Morobe is preparing to host the PNG Cocoa of Excellence 2019 awards show from July 25-27 in Lae.
About 125 cocoa producing groups will showcase their products and samples will be tested.

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