Symonds: I don’t miss international cricket

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MELBOURNE: Former Australian star Andrew Symonds says he doesn’t miss international cricket, has no desire to go back and is the most content he’s been in years.
Symonds is settled after moving on from a past year which included a handful of disciplinary issues which cost him his place on a tour of England and ultimately his Australian contract.
Symonds considers himself solely a Twenty20 gun for hire, but isn’t sure for how long.
The all-rounder has only just resumed playing Twenty20 games ahead of next year’s competitions in Australia and the Indian Premier League – he will play for Queensland and the Deccan Chargers respectively – but said he did not miss the international scene.
“No. Not at all,” he said.
Symonds, 34, said he remained in contact with some members of the Australian team but had other things to do than watch much of them in action.
“I’ve been at home and enjoying being at home, fishing, crabbing, seeing my mates, sleeping in my own bed,” he said.
“I haven’t been able to do that for quite a few years.
“So I’m just enjoying being at home for an extended period of time and doing what I want to do when I want to do it and being able to spend time with people I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with over the past years.
“It’s the most content I’ve been since the last couple of years of my international career.
“There were some tricky and sticky moments in those last couple of years and now I’ve got no-one to directly answer to and not have to worry about rules and regulations.
“I feel really free and am just enjoying life and being with the people I want to be with and doing the things I’ve wanted to do for however long.”
Symonds wants to perform well for the Chargers so he can get the option of accepting another IPL contract.But he said he had no plans to play anything else but the shorter form – ending his Australia career with 26 Tests and 198 one day internationals.
“I don’t see any point of me playing the longer version,” he said.
“I’m not looking to play state cricket, I’m not looking to play international cricket, I’m looking to play the shortest version so I can enjoy that and pay the bills through that.
“I’ll retire when I’ve had enough, whether that’s after this next IPL or whether that’s a couple of years down the track.
“I’ve no real idea yet how I’ll feel towards retirement.”
Symonds will play in Melbourne this week with Queensland’s side in the Futures League T20 competition.
He said he was happy to act as a mentor of sorts to young players starting their careers given his experiences.
“I’m there for these young blokes if they want to ask me questions or they want to learn about what to do and what not to do and when to have a good time and when to hang back a bit,” he said.
“That’s up to them.”  –  AAP