Synod to discuss HIV/AIDS policy

Lae News, Normal


AMONG the key agendas set for the 27th national synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG, is the new HIV/AIDS policy, the first for the church that will be discussed during the meeting.
ELC-PNG church secretary, Isaac Teo, said the policy was the church’s first in response to HIV/AIDS in the country.
At present, there is a programme, Lutheran life care, which comes under social concerns department of the church, which generally conducts trainings, awareness and basic counselling on HIV/AIDS and other family issues.
Retired coordinator of social concerns, Mutengke Wahasokac, recently stressed that there was a great need for the church to have an established office on HIV/AIDS.
Mr Wahasokac said it would be good if there was one established “as the issue of HIV/AIDS is big as it involves marriages, family life.”
In addition, Mr Teo noted that “the policy on HIV/AIDS is a new policy which the church would really much like to incorporate into our work so that we are also involve in the fight against HIV/AIDS”.
The HIV/AIDS policy will be discussed thoroughly during the synod before it is passed.
Also on the agenda is the reviewing of the church’s constitution and its by-laws, Vision 2020 and the Stia-tok policy for pastors among other things.
The synod will be held on Jan 10-15 and will be hosted by the Jabem district of Morobe province at Martin Luther Seminary.