System helps parents to see students’ marks

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Grade 12 students and parents will be able to see students’ external marks before they apply for tertiary institutions this year.
This followed a Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology’s (DHERST) announcement for all Grade 12 students to apply for tertiary institutions online using the National Online Application System (NAOS) instead of the usual manual applications.
Minister for DHERST, Pila Niningi said students had apply to tertiary institutions based on how they performed internally because they could not see their national examination (external) results.
“Final examination results will be available which will help the students, parents and guidance teachers to make choices of tertiary institutions,” Niningi said.
“They will make choices which is most likely to be secured based on their academic results.”
He said online applications were opened yesterday and would remain open until October for students, parents and guidance teachers to make preferences for their choice of tertiary institutions.
Niningi said online application would open again in November where students could apply with the availability of both internal and external examination results.
“After the final examinations, students will be given a week to see their final marks and compare their marks with requirements of institutions to apply online,” he said.
Secretary for DHERST, Father Jan Czuba said parents, students and schools would be able to see which school the students would be accepted to before they left into the Christmas and New Year Holidays.
He said this would give parents enough time to prepare financially for their children’s academic year.
With the NAOS, majority of students and parents can access the internet with their smart phones to apply online in seconds.
Czuba said the system was made for Papua New Guinea’s IT infrastructure.
It means using the system doesn’t use much data.
“If you need to go to Facebook, you need around eleven or twelve megabytes but if you want to open NAOS, you will need less than 1 megabyte or two megabytes,” he said.

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