System ineffective


PAPUA New Guinea has a big challenge in its education system.
The current system is ineffective resulting in many young people roaming around the streets.
There are no proper planning to cater for the dropouts.
There are no job opportunities created by the government.
Schools in the country don’t have the required facilities to manage children’s learning.
The secretary has sent a circular instructing schools to immediately resume classes leaving options to the parents whether to send their children to school or not.
An empty circular without funding to purchase basic healthcare equipment for students and teachers.
The National Court recently ordered the Education Department to pay a financial company for dishonouring a signed agreement.
The secretary was ill advised to make such unpopular decision.
Teachers and students were instructed to comply with new sets of protocols when resuming classes.
It’s very difficult for most schools in the country.
How would the department evaluate this month (May) in time for the June 2 parliament session.
I appeal to the secretary and the Education Minister to review their decision to resume classes.
Such decisions could cost the lives of our young population.
Look into teachers queries over the years.
The Government should not see teachers as cheap labours.
Their overdue claims should be paid.
The new protocols introduced is putting more pressure on teachers to work extra hours.
Unnecessary decisions has cost the department huge amounts of money.
Please address teacher’s issues once and for all.

Mt Hagen

One thought on “System ineffective

  • All of these issues are created by education department themselves so lets clean sweep this socalled organization and finds out who has messes up everything,from the public point of view we see that education secretary is the one in charge.One very classical example is making unnecessary decision to dishonour Fincorp of signed agreement where it cost tax payers money of k19million.over to you education minister..

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