System in place for students not to miss out on exams


The Education Department has a system in place for students sitting national examinations not to be disadvantaged at times of natural hazards and disasters, Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra says.
“We will do those to ensure that every student takes exams but in a case of where there is no exam conducted, we have our system in place to ensure that students are not disadvantaged,” Kombra said.
“Last year we had a case with Mt Wilhelm, they were supposed to come and collect their exam papers on Monday but there was a landslide so we were advised on Sunday evening or Monday early morning and we got one of the choppers from a company in Hagen to fly everything up to Mt Wilhelm,” Kombra said.
“This was one of the actions we were able to take.
“All the examination papers have gone out to all the provinces as of the previous week Saturday, so by now every school should have the exam papers.
“In schools that are in the outer islands, we send the exam papers to the province well in advance so they should be able to collect them.
“If there are cases that are not possible then whatever resources we have we will used to  support them.
“Where we cannot support, then we make a decision there and then.”
Kombra said except for a few provinces with security issues, it was decided that papers are collected on a daily basis on the day of the examination.”

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